Debra Lonergan was a long-standing member of the Michigan Opera Theatre Orchestra in Detroit at the time she began to specialize in early music. She worked extensively with Ann Arbor’s American Baroque Ensemble, as well as with Ars Musica during its twenty-city national tour celebrating a Bach anniversary year, and for its Michigan MozartFest with Roger Norrington.

She served for a decade as an academic program administrator for Detroit’s Center for Creative Studies-Institute of Music and Dance, and later as an artist representative for Donna Zajonc Management in Ann Arbor. With her extensive study of string pedagogy and a passion for mentoring young musicians, she maintains an active Ann Arbor studio open to all ages.

Debra has played continuo in concert for Jaap Schroeder, Stanley Ritchie, Marilyn McDonald, John Holloway and Enid Sutherland. She was a core member of La Gente D’Orfeo, Milwaukee Baroque and Ensemble Musical Offering, a founding member of Anaphantasia as well as the period string quartet Mirabel, and she's collaborating in a new ensemble, Voci dell'Anima. She plays an English cello in its original condition from the Walmsley School with a copy of a transitional bow from a private collection by Stephen Marvin, as well as a copy of a Collichon viola da gamba made by Charlie Ogle, with a Philip Davis bow.

For more information about her studio and upcoming concerts, please visit http://www.debralonergan.com